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High Distinction Consulting, LLC recognizes that leaders are faced with several challenges in the workplace. Law enforcement personnel, corrections officials, politicians, CEO's and human resources leaders all spend countless hours navigating the storms of relationships.  Irrespective of popular opinion, leadership development is far from inspiring. It takes hard work to cultivate the competencies necessary to operate as an effective leader.  Our firm recognizes the client as the experts. Consequently, our team offers a perspective as a customer.

Our goal

High Distinction Consulting, LLC was founded by Dr. Tommy Davis amidst the Coronavirus epidemic to respond to the changing conditions of the workplace to stimulate positive leadership practices. In a time when organizations are succumbing to management malfeasance that disillusions employees and derails productivity, High Distinction Consulting offers advice based on scientific evidence and timeless truths. Dr. Davis earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership with “High Distinction” from Carolina University. Having served in executive roles in manufacturing, non-profit, corrections/law enforcement, and healthcare, Dr. Davis found the need to help organizations realign their management methods.

What Sets Us Apart


Our firm recognizes that our clients are the experts in their field.  Our firm play the role of the customer and the governed to extract information relevant to enhance the profession.  More than two decades of research shows that many managers do not know how to correctly respond to the emotions of their employees. Consequently, managing relationships in the workplace fail for this reason alone.  Leadership is a term that has numerous components and is expressed in more ways than one. Being a leader is to be in a position to exercise governance. How the responsibility of that leadership is carried out depends on the context in which one leads. High Distinction Consulting, LLC espouses the idea that leadership characteristics strongly influence the atmosphere among the governed. Therefore, effective leaders have the opportunity to have an emotional impact on those within their jurisdiction to achieve a greater effect. Every action among human beings is guided by a set of principles. Those ideologies contribute to decisions that eventually affect others.

Our Expert Leader


Tommy Davis, PhD, ACHE, APIC, BLS

CEO & Principal Officer

Leadership requires an act of the will.