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High Distinction Consulting, LLC specializes in race relations, conflict management, mediation, business and leadership development. We are here to help you identify opportunities to improve job satisfaction through employee engagement which has shown to increase overall productivity. High Distinction does not take the feel-good approach to organizational and personal development. We believe that “practice makes perfect.” Our science-based ideas are proven to restore workplaces and incorporate trustworthy leadership practices among leaders.


Maximize Leadership Impact


Business development

Increasing market share is what allows businesses to stay afloat and maximize service or product distribution. A SWOT analysis can help discover overlooked opportunities and threats within an establishment. 

Leadership development

The continuing education of leaders is crucial to the advancement of any organization in an effort to respond to market changes and anthropological breakthroughs.

Conflict management

Conflict arises due to management and subordinates failing to agree on the organization's fundamentals. Our goal is to identify the culprits and remedy the problem.

V I E W   M O R E   S E R V I C E S

Timeless Truth


Your vision is worthless, strategy impotent, and values corrupt without the right people to execute them.

David Anderson (Up Your Business)